now V.I.P.

– nowV.I.P. – headed by Klaus von Da Hasse, is Europe’s premiere lifestyle concierge and management service. With a focus on competence, poise and discretion, at nowV.I.P. we are here to fulfill every wish for our clients.

Whether it’s last minute reservations at top restaurants, VIP access to your favourite sold out show or ultra-premium travel to the most exclusive getaways, nowV.I.P. caters to our clients’ every needs.

From celebrities, dignitaries, and royalty to corporate clients, business executives or families looking to streamline their daily lives, it is our mission at nowV.I.P. to care for your requests giving you more time to enjoy a smooth and hassle-free lifestyle.

As a multilingual, seasoned and international company, nowV.I.P. has become renowned for our special German attention to detail, dependability and pinpoint execution. Making your life more comfortable.

With unparalleled security, ultra VIP service and exclusive insider access, nowV.I.P. is ready and waiting to tackle your every request.

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